This winter I wanted a pair of knitted gloves. As a passionate crafter I was wondering if I could make them myself. I tried my hand at different crafts, from paper making to crochet… But sadly, I’m a bad knitter. I can knit and purl (always in a fear of dropping a stitch) but that’s about it. I love so much traditional Latvian knitted mittens. Actually, I love all sorts of colorfull, nordic patterned knitted mittens and gloves. But I didn’t want to purchase them, I wanted to make them myself. So I just used an old woolen sweater that was laying around and didn’t serve its purpose. I cut out the shape of my hands (without fingers), sewed the edges with my sewing machine (Bernina does a great job with thick fabrics). I crocheted fingers and tops, added the button and… here they are. Aren’t they beautiful? Not really Latvian but I love them and will keep my hands warm this winter.


I made a mistake though. I cut out the shape of the whole hand in one piece. Later I learned that I should have cut the thumbs separately. That’s why they turned out a bit tighter than needed but once I put the gloves on they adjust.