This year we made our own Christmas decorations. We (Mia and me) went to the woods to pick some pine cones. We couldn’t find any really beautiful examples, most of them were rotten with missing scales… But we picked some, cleaned them and painted in different colors, then covered with glitter in the same color. To ensure glitter stays on, we sprayed the cones with some clear spray paint.

Then we made elves out of small cones. For heads and arms we used wooden beads bought years ago when I was exploring crochet jewelry (never actually used them).

The hoods are cut out of felt sheets and blanket stitched at the back. Arms are leather bands tied around the neck with wooden beads attached to each side and knotted ends.

The sweater was crocheted directly around the deer’s body. I didn’t enjoy that much as I had to keep it tight to the body and my fingers were aching. But the result is nice. The sleeves do seem too big, though.

Our old amigurumi friend, Santa Claus, is our Christmas tree topper this year.