I’ve just discovered thrumming technique and I so love it. I was trying to figure out how to make a fleece for my new amigurumi lamb pattern and I can’t imagine anything more suitable for my lamb than the real wool. Crocheting with thrums is a bit more complicated than plain crocheting but it’s still easier to work with thrums than with many fuzzy yarns out there as you can see what you do.

I’ve always had a problem with yarns that I use for my patterns. Since my customers live all over the world I stick to ordinary cotton yarn, sport category which is available everywhere. But, I often want to make furry little animals with some cuddly, fuzzy novelty yarn and then I have a problem as my customers can’t get the same yarn and it’s hard to explain what yarn to use. Even a small difference in the yarn makes a huge impact on the finished doll.

Using wool roving partly solves the problem. I’ll come back to thrumming technique in one of my next posts. For now, a glimpse of my Lamb pattern.