I love green smoothies. I made one this morning, mixed all the ingredients well in the blender and…. oh, I love how it looks and tastes when finished. Beautifully green and creamy. But my little princess doesn’t think the same so I have to struggle each time I want her to drink some of it. This time I poured it into the cocktail glass, decorated with a kiwi slice and it made a difference. She jumped on it. It was such a fun and pleasure to look at her enjoying in green smoothie without making odd faces.

We had some amigurumi company as well. They carefully watched what we did and couldn’t wait to take a sip :=)

To make 2 glasses you’ll need:

1 banana
a handful of spinach leaves
2 cups of rice (or almond) milk
some scraped seeds from vanilla bean

Mix everything in a blender and voila! You have a tasty drink!