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Grocery Bag Holder

This was very easy to do little project and it helped find a new home for all the grocery bags that otherwise occupied the precious space of my kitchen’s bottom drawer. I combined wool (really coarse Bosnian sheep wool) with chenille like yarn that has been around for years. Hook size 4.5 mm. Made by working in [...]

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Octopus and Pirate Rabbid

Just wanted to show off a cute octopus amigurumi from Jocelyn. What’s interesting is that he made the octopus from the picture, without the pattern. I love both the octopus and the photo very much. See some more interesting photos at Jocelyn’s Flickr page:

By | May 20th, 2011|Patterns|Comments Off on Octopus and Pirate Rabbid

Green Smoothie

I love green smoothies. I made one this morning, mixed all the ingredients well in the blender and…. oh, I love how it looks and tastes when finished. Beautifully green and creamy. But my little princess doesn’t think the same so I have to struggle each time I want her to drink some of it. This [...]

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Happy Valentines Day

I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and lots of love in your life!

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Back to Thrumming – Amigurumi Lamb

I already wrote about how I like the thrumming and about my little lamb pattern. The pattern is nearly finished… it’s in the testing phase but I’m now not sure if it’s a lamb or a sheep that I made. Anyway, whatever it is, it’s really stylish … thanks to thrums which made it look [...]

By | January 31st, 2011|Crochet, Patterns|Comments Off on Back to Thrumming – Amigurumi Lamb