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This year we made our own Christmas decorations. We (Mia and me) went to the woods to pick some pine cones. We couldn’t find any really beautiful examples, most of them were rotten with missing scales… But we picked some, cleaned them and painted in different colors, then covered with glitter in the same color. To ensure glitter stays on, we [...]

By | December 27th, 2014|Crochet|Comments Off on OUR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS


Elephants are known for many things. They are great babysitters, an adult elephant can keep track of up to 30 family members at any one time. They are social creatures. They take care of members when they fall ill by physically supporting them and bringing them food. But this little elephant has a very strange passion for hats. Here are some pictures of [...]

By | December 16th, 2014|Crochet, Patterns|Comments Off on EMILY THE ELEPHANT